Transform Your Underutilised Hectares into a Reliable Source of Long Term Income. Join Our Mission for Large-Scale Biodiversity Restoration and Enjoy Significant Financial Rewards Through Our Long-Term Leasing Arrangements

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Landowner Benefits: Why Partner with Natural Habitat Bank

At Natural Habitat Bank, we offer landowners and farmers a unique and profitable opportunity to partake in large-scale biodiversity restoration across the UK. By partnering with us, you can lease your underperforming or low-yielding lands through a 30-year agreement, secure in the knowledge that you’ll receive a guaranteed income stream. Our dedicated team of ecologists will meticulously transform these lands into thriving, wildlife-rich habitats entirely at our expense, thereby contributing to a brighter ecological future for the nation.

We require plots of land ranging from 5 to 100 hectares where our hassle-free leasing arrangements allow you to maintain full ownership and managerial control over your land. Once a Habitat Bank is established on your property, an optional secondary income stream becomes available should you choose to undertake the maintenance responsibilities. This allows you to remain actively involved in the land’s rejuvenation while earning additional income, or you can remain entirely hands-off if you prefer.

By joining us in this ambitious venture, you’re not only securing your financial future but also playing a pivotal role in rejuvenating essential ecosystems and creating robust habitats throughout the UK.

Benefits of partnering with us;

We offer rental payments that exceed standard market rates, ensuring you receive a lucrative and steady income.

Beyond the rent, we also provide an extra fee specifically for the ongoing management and maintenance of the habitats. Essentially, you get paid twice.

Our rental and management fees are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), safeguarding your earnings against inflation and economic fluctuations.

Our fixed, long-term lease agreements not only offer stability but also provide you with a guaranteed and predictable income stream over an extended period.

Your land will be safeguarded from alternative forms of development, as our focus is solely on enhancing its biodiversity.

Our long-term lease agreements ensure you maintain full ownership of your land, offering the best of both worlds—financial gains from leasing and the security of retained ownership.

We contribute positively to local ecology and aesthetics, elevating the natural value of your land.

Our long-term partnership agreements with local authorities add an additional layer of protection to your land, further enhancing its security and stewardship.

By leasing your land to us, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution to the UK’s broader environmental goals, such as carbon emission reductions and habitat improvement.

As a corporate client, we bring a level of financial stability and professionalism that individual lessees may not offer, ensuring a reliable and well-managed partnership.

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How It Works: Your Pathway to Creating a Habitat Bank

The momentum for creating Habitat Banks is rapidly accelerating, with over 1000 acres already in our pipeline. Our ambitious goal is to establish a Habitat Bank in every local authority throughout the UK, providing expansive new habitats for nature.

Getting involved is a straightforward process. Simply register your land and we’ll walk you through the habitat possibilities tailored for your land, along with the potential income you could generate. There’s absolutely no obligation, and you could be up and running in as little as 12 weeks, with payments commencing immediately upon lease completion.

Register Your Land
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Register Your Land

    Are you or have you been involved in any environmental conservation schemes?

    By submitting you hereby permit for Natural Habitat Bank to hold your details on file to internally use the provided site information when assessing suitability for habitat creation and for Natural Habitat Bank to contact you with regard to opportunities for your site.

    Discover your potential

    By submitting information about your land, our ecological team can perform a virtual assessment of your site to identify possible habitat opportunities and the revenue they could generate for you. Filling in this form does not bind you to any commitments or obligations.

    We are specifically interested in land parcels in England ranging from 10 to 500 hectares in size. This range allows us to accommodate a variety of ecological projects and initiatives. Even if your land falls slightly outside these parameters, we encourage you to register it with us. We will get in touch if we identify a particular need that your property can fulfil.

    Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our team at